Water Rebate


January 6, 2022

Bottled Water Rebate Program

Recently, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a new drinking water regulation that limits the sum of six PFAS compounds (known as the PFAS6) to 20 parts per trillion (ppt). The new drinking water standard requires public water suppliers to test for the presence of PFAS6. The City’s 3rd quarter results of 24 ppt exceeded the DEP limits.

DEP recommends consumers in sensitive populations, including pregnant or nursing women, infants under one year of age and people diagnosed by their health care provider to have a compromised immune system not to consume, drink or cook with water when the level of PFAS6 is above 20 ppt. These individuals are advised to use alternative sources of water such as bottled water tested for PFAS6.

The City of Woburn will be offering a residential rebate program only for qualifying customers in the previously mentioned sensitive populations to offset the cost of purchasing bottled water. The rebate program will work as follows:

1.) A household/unit with a resident in a sensitive population (defined above) will be eligible for a $30.00 credit/month (only one credit per household/unit)
2.) A check will be mailed semiannually for any quarter the city is DEP non-compliant.
3.) You must re-apply every six months (January and August of 2022)

This rebate program is not intended to operate as a guarantee regarding any exposure to PFAS6 and does not imply that it limits exposure to PFAS from other sources, nor does it operate as an admission of liability by the City if exposure to PFAS6 does occur. The City reserves the sole right to change the terms of rebate program at any time.

To qualify for this rebate program, you need to provide written proof from a medical professional that you fall into one of sensitive populations defined above. Letter does not need to specify which group you fall into and why, but you will need to identify which resident qualifies for this rebate. Proof of residency by water bill, tax bill or signed lease. Birth certificate for child under one year old.


Mayor Scott Galvin


You can apply for the water rebate through this form