Woburn Special Education Parents’ Advisory Council

DATE 04/10/2018
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Joyce Middle School Library, 55 Locust Street, Woburn, MA, USA

Meeting Agenda

1) Welcome
2) Approve past meeting minutes
3) Susan Cauley from Woburn Public Access: You’re Not Alone, Surviving Your Child’s Disability
4) Conversations with Woburn Public School Administration
5) 3-Year review of bylaws
6) June Honors and Appreciation Event
7) Old Business
a. College Fair
8) New Business
9) Nominations for open Woburn SEPAC Executive Board positions:
i. Co-Chair
ii. Treasurer
iii. Secretary
10) Schedule next meeting
11) Adjourn

Contact Information: Elissa Milto, Co-Chair at [email protected]

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