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Sign Up for Free Wellness Program Funded by Cummings Foundation-Open to All Residents

Join Woburn teachers, parents, employees & community members for a FREE wellness program focused on creating sustainable healthier habits, offered by the nonprofit group Wellness Campaign, funded in part by the Cummings Foundation. When it comes to being healthier, you already know what to do – it’s doing it that is the challenge. The program … Continued

Fire Hydrant Shoveling

With the anticipated upcoming storms, a main concern of the Woburn Fire Department and the City of Woburn has been the challenge to keep the thousands of fire hydrants in the City cleared. Winter storms can often hide fire hydrants under a large mountain of snow making them impossible to find quickly. In the event … Continued

2020 Municipal Firefighter Exam – Massachusetts Civil Service

Take the Firefighter Exam! Written Examination: Saturday, March 21, 2020 . Apply online at: – Application deadline February 4, 2020. Click link below for further information and application.

Fiscal 2020 Tax Classification Hearing

The City Council will hold its annual tax classification hearing on Tuesday, November 19th.  At this hearing, the council will consider whether to shift a portion of the tax levy from residential taxpayers to commercial, industrial and business personal property taxpayers.  The Board of Assessors will present informational materials to assist the council in its … Continued

Catch Basins & Leaves

There are over 2500 catch basins in the city. The DPW works hard to keep them clear of obstructions to prevent flooding year round. This task becomes increasingly difficult in the fall with leaves clogging basins across the city. We ask resident to please aid us keeping basins clear and greatly appreciate any help.