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Mayor Galvin Reports City’s First COVID-19 Deaths

Mayor Scott Galvin issues the following statement: “I regret to share that two Woburn residents have died as a result of their contracting COVID-19, the illness associated with the novel coronavirus. “An 89-year-old resident passed away last night and a 92-year-old resident passed away this morning. Both were beloved mothers and grandmothers and will be … Continued

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

***Update 3/27/2020 – The City of Woburn has been notified of 3 new adult COVID-19 Cases.  As of today’s date 2 positive cases are out of isolation, putting the known number of isolated adult cases at home in Woburn at 12, with the 2 other positive cases still hospitalized.*** ***Update 3/26/2020 – As of 4pm … Continued

City of Woburn Provides Important Information Regarding Business, Municipal Closings Related to COVID-19 Situation

WOBURN — Mayor Scott Galvin and the City of Woburn seek to provide residents, business owners and workers with important information relating to business and municipal closings in the city due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Effective Tuesday, March 24 at noon, companies that do not provide essential services related to COVID-19 … Continued

COVID-19: Update 03/16/2020

At the current time Woburn has one adult presumed positive COVID-19 case. This resident is currently recovering in isolation at home. As we know this is a rapidly changing environment, however, and we do expect to eventually experience positive cases in Woburn. The Woburn Board of Health continues to work closely with MDPH and the … Continued

COVID-19: Update 03/13/2020

As of this morning the one presumed positive COVID-19 Woburn Resident has tested Negative this information was received late last night, at this time there are a few persons who are undergoing testing at the state level, none of them are Woburn Public School Students.  The Board of Health continues to work closely with MDPH … Continued

Mayor Galvin and the Board of Health are asking members of the community to practice strict physical distancing to save lives and contain the spread of COVID-19. For more information please visit this page