Category: MGL c. 30/39M Public Works Construction Projects


CIP#4 : Sewer rehab Base Bid:  Open cut repair of 93 linear feet of sewer, chemical root treatment of 871 linear feet of sewer and three (3) sewer manholes, installation of eight (8) linear feet of cured-in-place structural short liners, 5,325 linear feet of cured-in-place pipe and reinstatement of 51 service connections, 3,032 linear feet … Continued

2021 Ch. 90 Roadwork Project 2

Roadwork consisting of  install sidewalks and handicap access; mill the existing pavement; adjust castings; resurface the roadway with bituminous pavement; install pavement markings; install traffic signal improvements and other incidental work…..

ON-CALL Repairs to HVAC Systems

HVAC repairs for City buildings.  Vendor will be needed for ON-Call Repairs to HVAC systems in City owned buildings.

Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing for City Streets.

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