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Fire Hydrant Shoveling

With the anticipated upcoming storms, a main concern of the Woburn Fire Department and the City of Woburn has been the challenge to keep the thousands of fire hydrants in the City cleared. Winter storms can often hide fire hydrants under a large mountain of snow making them impossible to find quickly. In the event … Continued

2020 Municipal Firefighter Exam – Massachusetts Civil Service

Take the Firefighter Exam! Written Examination: Saturday, March 21, 2020 . Apply online at: – Application deadline February 4, 2020. Click link below for further information and application.

Change your clocks / Change your batteries!

When you change your clocks this coming Sunday, don’t forget to also do this one crucial thing: CHANGE THE BATTERIES IN YOUR SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE DEVICES! If you should have any questions you may contact our Fire Prevention Division 781-897-1383.

Preparing Your Home for a Smoke and CO Alarm Inspection

Are you selling your home? You will need a certificate of compliance from the local fire department that shows your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms meet the requirements for a sale or transfer. Have questions or looking to schedule your inspection please contact the Woburn Fire Department Fire Prevention division at 781-897-1383.

Ice Strength and Safety

How can you tell if the ice is safe? (Information Provided by Ice Strength and Safety Ice strength and safety Always use caution while fishing or recreating on ice. How can you tell if ice is safe? There are no guarantees. Always consider ice to be potentially dangerous. You can’t judge ice conditions by appearance or … Continued