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The Problem with Pet Waste

Do Your “Doody” for Clean Water: Scoop the Poop! Getting outside with your four-footed best friend is great for them and you, but please remember to clean up after them! You hate stepping in it. And fish hate swimming in it. Always pick up after your pet to prevent harmful bacteria from ending up in … Continued

Massachusetts Alert! Level 3-Critical Drought

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has declared a Level 3 – Critical Drought in the Northeast and Central Regions of the Commonwealth, which includes the City of Woburn. With over five months of below normal rainfall, drought has set in all across the state, and intensified in some regions.  Streamflow is … Continued

What do YOU do with grass clippings?

Summer is upon us and the grass is growing.  When you mow your lawn, be sure to keep grass clippings out of storm drains! Instead, leave the clippings on the ground, compost them to make a natural fertilizer, or bag them for pick up. Want more tips? For more tips, watch the video below, or … Continued

Massachusetts Drought Alert!

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has declared a Level 2-Significant Drought in the Northeast and Southeast Regions of the Commonwealth, which includes Woburn. The current drought status is due to over three months of below normal rainfall.  The last declared drought was from January-August of 2021.  As drought conditions worsen and … Continued

Stop the Spread-Spotted Lanternfly

Notice: Spotted Lanternfly and Nursery Stock (from MDAR) Last year, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) detected populations of the  invasive pest known as spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) in multiple locations throughout the state. Since this is the time of year that nurseries are receiving shipments of stock for the spring planting season, MDAR … Continued

Trash in water

Ever wonder how trash gets in our rivers and streams?  Here’s a short video about just how all that trash ends up in our rivers, streams and ponds.  And remember, #onlyraindownthedrain     Looking for ideas on how you can help with trash and other sources of stormwater pollution? Pick up pet waste Put trash … Continued

Spring Lawn Care and Water Quality

Spring is here!  If that means it’s time to start cleaning up the yard, be sure properly bag and dispose of last year’s leaves, and use a slow-release, non-phosphorus fertilizer (look for “0” as the middle number).  And as an alternative to fertilizer, consider scattering fresh grass seeds, aerating your soil, or planting some of … Continued

Fix a Leak Week, 2022

Are you ready to chase down leaks? Household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, so each year we hunt down the drips during Fix a Leak Week. Fix a Leak Week starts today, March 14 through 20, 2022—but remember that you can find and fix leaks inside and outside your … Continued

Woburn’s New WebGIS!

Introducing Woburn’s New WebGIS! Woburn recently rolled out a brand new interactive mapping internet application, or WebGIS.  This application allows users to search for any property in the City of Woburn, get information, and make their own map.  Information such as assessing data, street utility data, new voter precincts and wards, zoning information, and more. … Continued

Can the Grease!

  I know, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week too!  So with all that extra cooking you’re doing next week please remember, all that cooking grease shouldn’t go down the drain.  Fats, oils and grease, also known as FOG, congeal in the sewer system and can cause sewer back-ups either in your home … Continued