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Outdoor Dining 2021

The city of Woburn is making attempts to streamline the process so establishments can offer outdoor dining as soon as practical. If your establishment was approved for outdoor dining in 2020 and you are making no changes to the seating plan, you may resume outdoor dining in 2021. If your establishment was approved for outdoor … Continued

1042 Main Street – Draft of ZBA decision

The attached documents were received on October 25, 2019, from the attorney representing Woburn 38 Development LLC, 1042 Main Street.   doc11052220191025115242 Draft decision on Insubstantial Change

Mandatory meeting for liquor and innkeepers licensees

The Woburn License Commission will hold a mandatory meeting on Thursday, October 31, 2019, at 6 p.m., in the Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, 10 Common Street, Woburn, Massachusetts for all liquor and innkeepers licensees.   Thomas M. Skeffington, Chairman

Zoning Board of Appeals filing deadline

The deadline to file petitions for Special Permits and Variances for the Zoning Board of Appeals’ meeting on February 19 is noon on Friday, January 31.