Woburn Seniors Invited to Join Winter Programs

The Woburn Senior Center is as busy as ever finding new ways to maintain existing friendships and create opportunities for new friendships across the City. Although our in-person programs remain on hold, we continue to offer seniors a variety of great services and programs. A roundup is offered below, and we’ll update you about new services and programs as they become available.

Zoom Gentle Morning Stretch with Judy: In December, we are introducing a new Gentle Morning Stretch with Judy Tanner Monday through Friday, at 9:30 a.m. These easy stretch exercises are suitable for all physical abilities. The program will run through February 2020. Email [email protected] to sign up or Call the Center at 781-897-5960 for more information.

Cindy and Friends Zen Fitness Studio: Many thanks to Cindy & Friends for pulling together more than 40 wellness classes for December, dedicated to keeping the senior community connected and well through the holidays and winter. Thanks to the Friends Helping Seniors for sponsoring Zen Fitness Studio during November. Everyone is invited to a Holiday Zoomba Party, on Thursday, Dec. 17, at noon. Cindy will be leading the online even with dancing and toning to Latin and popular holiday music. Thanks, Cindy!

 Woburn Breakfast/Lunch Program for Seniors: Thanks to Mayor Scott Galvin, the City Council, Woburn Schools Food Services program, and our Transportation team for their hard work since Nov. 9 to offer breakfast and lunch daily, at no charge. We are currently serving 68 Woburn seniors. The program runs through the end of December. To sign up, call the Center at 781-897-5960

Holiday Event/Winter Care Package Grab ‘n Go: Mary Pettoruto and her Joyce Middle School history students have been conducting a Winter Care Package collection over the last few months.  On Tuesday, December 22, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Note: Rescheduled due to winter storm on Dec. 17) Ms. Pettoruto and her students will take the lead on a holiday grab ‘n go at the Center to offer seniors packages with everything from hot chocolate to hand soap and warm socks. We’ll add something festive to the bags. Great to have these students helping out, and hanging out here to wish seniors happy holidays!

Woburn Public Library Partnership: Monday through Thursday programming continues, thanks to our Transportation Department. Library remains on alert, vigilant and at no more than 40 percent capacity. To sign up, call the Library at 781-933-0148 or log onto www.woburnpubliclibrary.org.

COA Staff available by phone to assist with referrals to senior services such as transportation, fuel assistance, Medicare information, food assistance, and any issues/concerns: Senior Center Main line-781-897-5960, Transportation Dept., 781-897-5964, and Outreach Department: 781-897-5965.