New City Website Launched!

Welcome to our new City website!

The new site boasts a fresh, new look and feel, improved navigation, and a functional mobile design, all of which are a part of the City’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information and resources.

We’re planning to introduce more information and features through this site that will allow you to interact with the City in new ways. Many of our paper forms that you might have had to come into City Hall or another Department to complete will also be available as digital versions that can be filled out and submitted online. Another component planned in the next phase of this project is a new online payment system that will integrate with the online forms to greatly enhance efficiency and convenience in the application process and many other tasks. There’s much more to come!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and Stirling Technologies for doing a great job in bringing it all together! Please keep in mind we’re still in the process of adding new content, reorganizing, and tweaking the design of the new site. As this site evolves continue to send us feedback using our new service request system located at our Report a Concern page (choose Other Non-Emergency Issues -> Misc Technology Issue).

Web Design Feedback

Web Design Feedback

Please feel free to give us feedback below on our website design.