Your Ward Alderman in Ward 7 Raymond B. Drapeau, 6 Whispering Hill Road 935-8814

Streets in Ward 7

WARD - 7     Precinct 1
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Adams Cr Battlemarch Way Bay St Belford Circle
Briscoe Rd Briscoe St Burlwood Ln Cambridge Rd
(odd numbers 1 - 173)
Cerqua St Crescent Rd Dawes Cr Diana Dr
Dix Road
(odd numbers 1 - 15)
Dix Road Ext
(odd numbers 29 - 49)
Douglass Green Duren Ave
Fortune Rd Freedom Rd Fuller Farm Ln Gayle St
Gettysburg St Gilda Cir Grant Street Great Road
Hallmark Dr Howard Ct Independence Dr Johnsons Grant
Kendalls Mill Kensington Ave Kosciusko St Lafayette Pl
Lee Road Liana St Linda St Manomet Rd
(odd numbers)
Matthew Pl McDevitt Dr Michaels Green October Lane
Old Cambridge Rd Old Lexington St Old Russell St Otis St
Patriot Rd Patriots Cir Prescott Way
Quail Run Rd Revere Rd
Roman Rd Russell Ct Russell St
(odd Numbers)
Russell St
(Even numbers 318-538)
Samoset Rd
(odd numbers 11 - 31)
Samoset Street Sawmill Brook Way Seneca Rd
(even numbers 8 - 16)
Seneca Rd
(odd numbers 1 - end)
Squanto Rd
(odd numbers 11 - 29)
Stevin Dr Stonewall Dr
Sylvanus Wood Ln Tanners Circle Todd Ave Todd Road
Tory Row Vine Brook Way Whispering Hill Rd Windsor Cir
Windsor Dr      
WARD - 7     Precinct 2
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Anna Rd Arcadia St Aspen St Bernard Rd
Brook Rd Cambridge Rd
(odd numbers 183 - end)
Canterbury Rd Carroll Rd
Carson Rd Compass Lane Crossman Rd Dix Road
(even numbers 4 - 20)
Dix Road Ext
(even numbers 30 - 48)
Exeter Dr Glade St Glenwood Ave
Grace Road Hampshire Cir Helen Dr Henderson Rd
Heritage Dr Highview Rd Janis Terr Jean Rd
Lexington St
(all 215 - end)
Loves Lane Manomet Rd
(even numbers)
Maura Dr
Melo Rd Minchin Dr Morningside Cir Morningside Dr
New Village Rd Paris Way Parker St Parliament Ln
Penny Rd Pheasant Ln Rich Road Ridge Road
Ridgewood Ln Robinson Rd Russell St
(even numbers 6 - 306)
Russell St
(even numbers 618 - end)
Ryder Dr Sachem Rd Samoset Rd
(all numbers 1 - 10)
Samoset Rd
(even numbers 12 - end)
Samoset Rd
(odd numbers 35 - end)
Senator Rd Seneca Rd
(number #4)
Shaker Hill Ln
SilverMine Rd Squanto Rd
(even numbers)
Squanto Rd
(number #7)
Strawberry Ln
Summit St Waltham St Wamesit St Waverly Rd