Your Ward Alderman in Ward 6 is Michael Raymond 10 N. Maple Street 781-935-2438

Streets in Ward 6

WARD - 6     Precinct 1
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Alfred Pl Alfred St
( odd numbers 23 thru 29)
Alfred St
(all 2 thru 21)
Alfred Terr
Bartlett Dr Cortland Cr Dickey Rd
Dobbins Dr East Nichols St
(odd numbers)
Edwards Rd Elm St
Fletcher Rd
(odd numbers 39 - end)
Fletcher Rd
(all 5 - 27)
Florence St
Granny Smith Ln Hailey Way Harold Ave Hensel St
Keith Cir Kendal Dr Kimball Ct Lord Terr
(odd numbers)
Main St
(even numbers 836 - 910)
Main St
(odd numbers 827 - 905)
Miakaila Way Minot St
Newbridge Ave Nichols St
(even numbers)
Nichols St Ext North Woods Cir
Patricia Cir Pearl St Perry Pl Poole St
(even numbers)
School St
(even numbers 6 - 16)
School St
(odd numbers 1 - 65)
Spring Garden Terr
Sunnyside Rd Sylvan Rd Tidd Ave Traverse St
Van Norden Rd
(odd numbers)
Ward St Webster Ave Webster Ct
Webster St West Street Westgate Winter St
(odd numbers 3 - 21)
WARD - 6     Precinct 2
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Adele Rd Albion St Alger Alice Rd
Allan St Alpine Ave Altavesta Cr App Crt
Ashburton Av Avon St Baldwin Ave Baldwin Ln
Banks St Breed Ave Briarwood Rd Bronislaw St
Canal Estates Candice Ct Cedarwood Rd Chester Ave
Cottage St Cutting Ave Dakota Danforth Ave
Daniel Dr Dartmouth St Delaware Rd Dexter Ave
Dexter Ave
Dexter Ave
Donna Rd Donna Rd Ext
Driftwood Dr Earl Stokes Ln East Dexter Ave East Nichols St
(even numbers)
Eddy Rd Eight Rd Emerson Rd Evenberg Rd
First Rd Ford Terr Forest Park Rd
(odd numbers 105 - 107)
Foster Ave
Fourth Rd Gatta Circle Gill St Glen St
Grafton Granville Road Hope Lane
(numbers 3 4 5 6)
Hope Lane
(numbers 7 8 9 10)
Indiana Ave Industrial Pkwy Jan Street
Jillian Cir Jones Ave Joseph Terr Kearsarge Ave
Kentucky Ave Knight Ave Lamoile St Lancaster Ave
Lee St Linscott Rd Longwood Ave Lord Terr
(even numbers)
Louisiana Ave Main St
(even numbers 918 - end)
Main St
(odd numbers 921 - end)
Marion St
Maryland Ave Massachusetts Ave Merrimac St Michael Circle
Milan Ave Mishawum Rd (all numbers 192 - 278) Monks St
Montgomery Rd Mostika Rd Mountain St N. Maple St
N. Massachusetts Ave N. Washington Av
Naples Ave New Boston St Newberg Ave Nichols St
(odd numbers)
Norwood Cir O'Neil Rd Oakland St Old Mishawum Road
Palmer Pennsylvania Petiglio Terr Poole St
(odd numbers)
Poplar St Prescott St Rath Rd Richmond Ave
Robinlea Cir Roessler Rd Rumford Ave Ryan Road
Sacremento Ave School St
(even numbers 18 - end)
School St
(odd numbers 151 - end)
Seventh Rd
Sixth Rd Spencer Ave Suffolk St Summit Ave
Tedesco Dr Tennessee St Third Rd Thurman
Torrice Dr Townsend St Virginia Ave Wachuset
Washington Ave
West Dexter Ave Wheeling St Williams Ct
Williams Ln Wilson St Winter Rd Winter St
(even numbers)
Winter St
(odd numbers 25 - 55)
York St