Your Ward Alderman in Ward 3 is Scott Galvin 4 Foley Road

Streets in Ward 3

WARD - 3     Precinct 1
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Abbott St Akerson Rd
(odd numbers)
Alexander Way Arbor Way
Bacon St Barbas Way Bedford Rd (even numbers 2 thru 120)
Bedford Rd (odd numbers 131 thru 145) Bonnie Way Borselli Dr
Brandon Ct Bruno Terr Burlington St (even numbers 8 thru 40)
Burlington St
(even numbers 84 thru 142)
Burlington St
(odd numbers 3 thru 133)
Cannon Rd Catherine Cr
Centre St
(even numbers)
Chestnut St Christin Way Converse Pl
Cummings Ave Ellis St Federal St Flagg St
Foley Rd Foster St Franklin St
(even numbers 8 - end)
Franklin St
(odd numbers 17 - end)
Gangi Terr Geary Dr Grove St Harrison Ave
Hillside Ave Houghton St Hubbard Pl Jaycin Cir
Johnson St
(even numbers)
Katie Ln Kilby St
(even numbers)
Lexington St
(odd numbers 5 - 49)
Library Place Main St
(even numbers 556 - 568)
Mawn Dr McMahon Way
Middlesex Dr Middlesex St Millet St Monroe St
Morse St N. Warren St Oak Knoll Dr Oak Street
Old Farm Rd Orchard Pk Park St Pleasant St
(odd numbers)
Plympton St Rag Rock Dr Reed St Rock St
Scott St South Bedford St
(odd numbers 7 - 61)
Valley Rd Village St
Wade Place Willow St
(odd numbers 63 - 71)
Winn Court Winn Street
(even numbers 14 - 128)
Winn Street
(odd numbers 3 - 135)
WARD - 3     Precinct 2
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Bamberg Dr Banner Dr Bedford Rd
(odd numbers 155 thru 201)
Bedford Rd
(odd numbers 3 thru 107)
Bedford Terr Boys Club Ln Brae Cr Brandt Dr
Bruce Rd Burlington St
(even numbers 146 thru 170)
Burlington St
(odd numbers 141 thru 177)
Carter Pl
Cassidy Dr Catarina Ln Charles Gardner Ln Churchill Rd
Colonial Rd Coventry Ln David Cr Doherty Pl
Elijah St Hamilton Rd Hammond Pl Hart St
Kennedy Rd Kilby Dr Kilby St
(odd numbers)
Lantern Ln
Linden Cir Linden St Lisa Dr Lowell St
Main St
(even numbers 576 - 670)
Marlboro Rd Morrow Dr
Park Drive Park Drive Ext Place Ln Princeton Rd
Quimby Ave Rose Farm Ln Sheridan St Shields St
Thistle Rd Thornton St Willow St
(even numbers 64 - end)
Willow St
(odd numbers 73 - end)
Winn Street
(even numbers 132 - end)
Winn Street
(odd numbers 137 - end)
Wright St Wyman Cir
Wyman St
(even numbers)