Your Ward Alderman in Ward 1 is Charles Doherty 37 Warren Ave

Streets in Ward 1

WARD - 1     Precinct 1
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Bedford Rd
(even numbers 130 thru 200)
Brookland Rd Cambridge Rd
(even numbers)
Chapel Way
Columbus Rd Country Club Rd Crawford Dr Day Cr
Fairview Drive Fairway Dr Flint Circle Gately Dr
Glen Road Hiawatha Rd Horn Pond Plaza
(aka Woburn Plaza)
Indian Hill Rd
Jessica Drive Kelly Dr Kennedy Park Larch Rd
Laurence Rd Ledgewood Rd Lexington St
(all numbers 120 - 198)
Litchfield Dr
Locust Cir Locust St
(all numbers 44 - end)
Locust St
(odd numbers 9 - 41)
Mayflower Rd
Mt Ida Street Pond Terr Rehabilitation Rd Roselena Terr
South Bedford St
(even numbers 4 - end)
South Bedford St
(odd numbers 65 - end)
Surrey Cir Surrey Rd
Totman Dr Willow St
(even numbers 4 - 80)
Willow St
(odd numbers 41 - 47)
Woburn Plaza
(aka Horn Pond Plaza)
WARD - 1     Precinct 2
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Acorn St Adams Drive Akerson Rd
(even numbers)
Arlington Road
Ash St Beacon St Border St Brooks St
Buck St Buckman Ct Buckman St Burlington St
(even numbers 54 thru 66)
Clifford Terr Cove St Doucette Way Dows Lane
Evans St
Garden Dr Garden Heights Ave Garden St Hillcrest Rd
Hudson Pl Hudson St Innitou Rd Kenney Ct
Lake Ave Lake Cir Lake Terr Lakeview Terr
Lawrence St Lexington St
(even numbers 2 - 110)
Lexington St
(odd numbers 51 - 119)
Locust St
(even numbers 4 - 40)
Lydon Ct Main St
(even numbers 2 - 148A)
Manny Terr Maria Ct
Pickering St Pierce St Pleasant St
(even numbers 82 - end)
Porter St
Richardson St Richmond Pk Stanley Terr Stoddard St
Sturgis St Thompson St Veteran Rd Warren Ave
(odd numbers)
Warren Road Water St Wiley St Willow St
(odd numbers 1 - 35)
Woburn Parkway Wolcott Rd