The Indian Bowl

Photo by Fel Medeiros

A 'bowl' carved out of a granite out crop, this natural feature is said to have been used by the local Pre-Colombian Native Americans as a place to grind grains and nuts in the process of food preperation. Bowls of this nature are not the result of human construction, but of nature. The action of glaciers, running water and a few pebbles bounching around at the bottom of a natural depression in the rock can create a 'bowl' over time. Another such bowl can be found in the Shaker Glen Conservation Area.

How to Get There - Rod Flynn

To get to the bowl on Horn Pond Mountain: Take the road up to the reservoir, after walking past the gate into the reservoir 50 or 75 feet you will see a narrow trail on your left, which is directly opposite the resevoir sign on the fence. Follow it straight out about 150 paces and you will see a fallen tree on your left. Follow the trail at the base of this tree. You will see a rock outcropping on your right, the Indian Bowl is just down to the other side of this rock. Follow the trail that circles around to your left.