Horn Pond is one of the very few natural lakes in the Metro-Boston area that has a completely accessible shore line. Consequently it is visited by an extrodinary number of people from surrounding communities that lack such a resource. All this human traffic requires continuous litter pick up efforts. The Woburn Parks Department does an admirable job of keeping the main areas such as parking lots clear of human litter. But they have neither the time or resources to clean all the remote trails that make up Horn Pond's Conservation area.

The Citizens Group W.R.E.N. (Woburn Residence Environmental Network) was formed as stewards of Horn Pond and the other conservation areas of the City. Their tireless and continuos efforts are why you see very little litter on even the most remote trails. We salute their members who volunteer without compensation.

The next time you see W.R.E.N. members picking up trash, give them a thumbs up. Or better still, why not join them yourself. W.R.E.N. is a very friendly group. Join their weekly walks around Horn Pond! Meet WREN members Rod Flynn, Lisa Weiss and others on Saturday mornings at 9:00am. They start off at 9:15am from Ice House Park on Sturgis St.

W.R.E.N. does more than pickup trash. Check their website for a list of activities and information on how you can be part of W.R.E.N. This is an excellent way for new residents to make new friends in the community. If you would like to learn more about WREN or need help to organize a Spring 'Clean Up' in your neighborhood, email them at [email protected]