There are two (2) ways you can search for map information: You can use the site search engine below FOR any name (street, business, subject). If you are seeking to investigate Historical information, you can proceed to the VINTAGE MAPS page and use the Historical Master Index.

This is a non-commercial site intended as a free public service. Here you can find various specialized maps for the City of Woburn Massachusetts. Currently this site has maps for *street, *current zoning, *school districts, *political wards, *ground water districts, the current assessor's map, vintage historical maps (1875 - 1906), past zoning (1924 - 1970), Horn Pond and the index to the Sanborn Insurance maps.

* Note than some re-constructed maps are not totally geigraphically correct. In order to label lengthy street names on the maps, it was often necessary to alter the scale or distort certain map segments.

** Note that due to a copyright, we are unable to publish the actual Sanborn Maps on this site. What is shown here is only the plot of land mass covered by these Sanborn Maps and the index of streets and businesses found on these maps. You may find the actual images for the Sanborn at either the Woburn Piblic Library or at the Office of the City Engineer.


Although the information used to develop this site is based on Official City of Woburn Maps and information taken from various City of Woburn sources; this site was created by a private enterprise and is not part of the Official City of Woburn web site. Neither the City of Woburn nor the author of this site can be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the contents shown here. All maps and images (where noted*) are original art work of the author. The public is free to access or download any and all contents of this site without payment or restriction.
Maps and text files shown on this site can be obtained, by request, on CD-ROM and run as a Windows desk-top application. You may send requests and comments to: [email protected]
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