Permit Fees

Permit Type Permit Fee Permit Term
Flammable Storage (MGL Ch 149 Sec. 9) $40 1 Year
Propane Tank Installation $50 Per Job
Propane Storage $50 1 Year
Oil Burner Completions, Inspection and Permit $25 Per Job
Storage of Black or Smokeless Powder $25 1 Year
Blasting Permit $100 Per Job
Removal of Flammable Liquid Tanks $50 Per Tank
Installation of Flammable Liquid Tanks $50 Per Tank
Fireworks Display $50 1 Event
Flammable Decorations, per 527 CMR 21 $15 1 Year
Tar Kettle $50 Per Job
Tar Truck $50 1 Year
Tank Truck Inspections $75 2 Years
Copies of Fire or Ambulance Reports $25 Per Report
Three to Six Unit $150 Per Inspection
Over Six Units $500 Per Inspection
Buildings, as Defined by MGLA c. 148 Sec. 1 $50 Per Inspection
Motel and Hotel $25 Per Inspection
Theaters $50 Per Inspection
Fire Alarm Master Box Connection $250 1 Year
Central Office and Other Signal to Fire Alarm $125 1 Year


Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors (MGL Ch. 148 Sec. 26 / 527 CMR 21 Fee Permit Term
One Unit $50 Per Inspection
Two Unit $100 Per Inspection
 Three to Six Unit $150 Per Inspection
 Over Six Units $500 Per Inspection


Acceptable forms of payment: Check or Money Order (We DO NOT accept cash or credit cards) Please make payable to: City of Woburn

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