Street Memorials

  Designation Location In Memory Of Service Conflict
1 Andriolo Square Wyman & Lowell Streets Radioman 2nd Class Charles Andriolo US Navy WW II
2 Archer Square Pine & Washington St. Walter S. Archer US Army WW I
3 Callahan Square Bedford & Burlington St. William J. Callahan US Army WW I
4 Campbell Square Campbell & Main St. Capt. George A. Campbell US Army WW I
5 Carlson Square Elm & Traverse St. Cpl. Norman Carlson US Army Korea
6 Corsetti Square Ashburton & Main St. Sgt. Anthony Corsetti. US Army WW II
7 Davis Square Willow & Bedford Road Seaman 1st Class Francis G. Davis US Navy WW II
8 Degan Square Hudson & Arlington Road Patrick Degan US Army WW I
9 DiCassio Square Mass Ave & Main St. Pvt. Daniel J. DiCassio. USMC WW II
10 Ferullo Square Main St., No. Woburn Field S/Sgt. John W. Ferullo Air Force WW II
11 Foley Square (Beach) Lake Ave & Arlington Road Pvt. Edward D. Foley US Army WW I
12 Flaherty Hall (Auditorium) Woburn Memorial High Sschool Pvt. John J. Flaherty US Army WW I
13 Frongillo Square Cambridge & Russell St. WO I John Frongillo US Army Vietnam
14 Gerrish Square Lexington & Burlington St. HM 3rd Alan R. Gerrish US Navy Vietnam
15 Gonsalves Square So. Bedford & Willow St. 2nd Lieut. Francis C. Gonsalves US Army WW II
16 Hammond Square Main & Scott St. Revolutionaryolution War Memorial Militia Revolutionary
17 Leland Park Washington & Erie St. T/Sgt. Allen F. Leland Air Force WW II
18 Leland Park Washington & Erie St. T/Sgt. Warren F. Leland US Army WW II
19 Lynch Park Arlington Rd. (Horn Pond shore) Pvt. Charles H. Lynch US Army WW I
20 Malatesta Square Fowle & Main St. Guy & Andrew Malatesta Air Force WW I & II
21 Moran Square Salem & Beach St. Arthur M. Moran US Army WW I
22 Moore Square Conn & Bryant St. S/Sgt. James B. “Dinty” Moore Air Force WW II
23 O’Brien Square (Rink) Joyce Jr. High School, Willow St. Seaman Edward S. O’Brien US Navy Vietnam
24 O’Neill Square School & Merrimac St. Cpt Charles L. O’Neill USMC Vietnam
25 Phalon Square Willow & Lexington St. Mary Phalon USMC WW II
26 Quimby Square Quimby & Burlington St. Leon M. Quimby US Army WW I
27 Reeves School Reeves School, Lexington St E.M. 3rd Class Clyde E. Reeves US Army WW II
28 Shamrock School Shamrock School, Eastern Ave. Shamrocks Football Team   WW II
29 Smith Square Central & Montvale Ave. Herbert Smith   WW I
30 Verdun Square Pleasant St Arlington Rd Harry D. Guy US Army WW I
31 White Square Campbell & Montvale Ave. John W. White US Army WW I
32 DeLuca Square 299 Washington St (Elks) Sgt. 1st Class Joseph J. Deluca, Jr. US Army Korea
33 Charles T. Foley Square Arlington Rd & Lake Ave (island) PFC. Charles T. Foley US Army Korea
34 Maclssac Square Arlington Rd & Lake Ave (island) Sgt. George L. Maclassac, Jr. US Army Korea
35 Langone Square East Nichols & Main St. Sgt. Anthony L. Langone US Army Korea
36 Began Square Buckham & Main St. PFC John H. Began USMC WW II
37 Gangi Square Montvale & Prospect St. (Crestview) Charles Gangi USMC WW II
38 Slack Square Main & School St. Pvt. George E. Slack USMC WW II
39 Ryan Square Main & Chestnut St. Cpl. Joseph Ryan Jr. US Army WW II
40 Kerrigan Square Harrison Ave. & Winn St. Sgt. Donald K. Kerrigan USMC Korea
41 Drew Square Lawrence & Warren Ave PFC Joseph L. Drew USMC Vietnam
42 Darling Square Darling Dr & Lowell St. Cpl William B. Darling Jr. USMC WW II
43 McMahon Sq Main St & Coolidge Rd Cpl Charles McMahon USMC Vietnam
44 Callahan Sq Sturgis St & Beacon St SFC Keith A. Callahan US Army Iraq
45 Rupp Square Arlington Road (Horn Pond shore/Lynch Park – across from Hudson St.) Pvt. Charles W. Rupp US Army WW I
46 Christie Square Johnson Street at Main Street Pvt. David B. Christie US Army WW I
47 Thompson Square Main St. at Clinton St. Daniel Thompson Militia Revolutionary
48 Stokes Square, Webster Ave. & Stokes Circle   PFC Earl E. Stokes  US Army WW II

49        “Jelly” Square     Montvale Avenue and Central Street