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I would like to share the following.

Pat Moore, the author of the two emails below, is the wife of a local man named  after WWII S/Sgt. Dinty Moore who lost his life in New Guinea in 1943 and buried  this past weekend in Woburn.The Boston media outlets covered the funeral with  respect and dignity.

Her comments are very intersting.

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Email #1:

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Subject: message from Pat Moore re WWII airman MIA returned home Saturday


Hello Neil,

I wish to share with you a very wonderful event which took place in Woburn, MA yesterday which I had the opportunity to attend.

This is the story of S/Sgt. James Bernard “Dinty” Moore, a WWII Army Air Force vet, MIA for 66 years, who was returned home and finally placed to rest this past Saturday. I share this story with you as it has a strong connection relative to my own family.This young man disappeared over the jungles of New Guinea on November 20, 1943 while he was flying his 120th mission as an Aerial Gunner for the 64th Bomber Squad, 43rd Bomber Group, during WWII. He was the brother of my late father-in-law, Robert Moore of Orange, MA. My husband was named after him. My children grew up knowing his story. His siblings never ever forgot about him and remained constant in the hope he would be located and returned home to be laid to rest.Sadly the majority of the siblings are now deceased yet many nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews joined with his remaining siblings, cousins, etc to pay him tribute and honor him with burial in Calvary Cemetery next to his late parents.The full story is rather long and detailed but if you were interested you can locate several recent articles published in the Daily Times Chronicle (Woburn newspaper).

In any event, minus all of the amazing details of just how “Dinty’s” remains were obtained and confirmed, he arrived at Logan Airport with full military honors Wednesday 8/12, and was escorted by family, Woburn State and local police, the Patriot Guard Riders and the Faithful Few to the Lynch Cantillon Funeral Home in Woburn.The Mayor and his assistant , the United Veterans Council and the funeral home were all key to assisting the family to bring him home properly.This past Saturday when myself, my husband and two of our daughters arrived at the funeral home we were absolutely overwhelmed by the large number of Veterans and the PatriotGuard Riders contingent present to
honor and pay tribute to S/Sgt. Moore and his family.The Patriot Guard Riders are quite a wonderful group of vets who did an amazing job with nothing but the utmost of respect.The Faithful Few from the Marine Cops League of Massachusetts were awesome as was the Woburn State and local police contingents. These fine people escorted “Dinty” and a very long processional of family, representatives and guests, through the town, to the cemetery and joined us following ceremonies for a reception.It was one of the most moving tributes I have ever had the fortune to be a part of and I am so thankful to every person who played a role in seeing this fine, fallen war hero brought home.


Pat Moore

Email #2:

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From: Patricia Moore
To: Neil McGuirk
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 8:43 AM
Subject: Re: message from Pat Moore re WWII airman MIA returned home Saturday



Those family members who were tireless in their efforts to determine just what had happened to “Dinty” and his fellow crew members and to have his remains identified and returned home. The very deepest of acknowledgements must be given to his niece Lynn Valente who dedicated herself to these efforts for several years. Her now deceased father, David C. Moore as well as her brother Jimmy (one of the two nephews in the family to be named after S/Sgt. James B. Moore!!) also worked tirelessly on these efforts.”Dinty’s” sister, Mary Ellen Cressey and his brother, John Moore were also key to this as they provided DNA samples which were used to confirm the remains located were those of their missing brother.If not for the tireless and commited efforts of these family members none of what I was able to share with you would have happened!I have always been very touched that “Dinty” was so loved by his immediate family that two of his brothers, both David and Robert (my father-in-law) each named a son after him! In any event myself, my husband Jim (as I said, one of Dinty’s two namesakes!) and two of our daughters would not have had opportunity to be able to be a part of his coming home ceremony if not for the tireless efforts of the family members who made this all possible!

The day was especially meaningful to us as my now deceased father-in-law, Robert,had always held out hope that his beloved brother “Bernie” (as his siblings called him) would be found.It was also truly wonderful that his brother John and sister Mary Ellen were able to have their hopes become a reality.

Others key to the organization of the tribute and ceremonies (obtained from news articles) are Woburn Mayor, Thomas McLaughlin,Woburn Assistant Mayor Charles Culhane who was the key organizer.