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Madison Properties Washington street upgrades
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Salem Street Bridge Replacement Project
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Montvale Ave Widening Project
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City Of Woburn Paving Projects
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MWRA Water Work
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J Marchese & Sons General Contractor for Madison Properties will begin work on widening and upgrades to Washington Street in the 399 area. This work will begin on Monday 6/11/2018 and will continue for several months. Updates will follow.

Utility reconstruction in preparation for the replacement of the Salem Street Bridge is currently underway. Expect lane restrictions and delays in the area.

Mass DOT crews will begin drainage work for the widening of Montvale ave the week of September 17th. Work will start on Central street at the intersection of Grape street and continue towards Montvale this work should take about a week the crews will then move to 267 Montvale and work east towards the intersection of Central Street.

City contractors will be doing paving work on Russell, Winn and Wildwood streets on Friday and Saturday 10/19,20/2018. Contractors will be applying a Micro Seal surfacing agent on these streets expect lane closures and delays

The MWRA will be doing exploratory excavations around their water lines in the Washington St. & Montvale Ave. area

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Contractors will be Micro Seal resurfacing Wildwood, Winn & Russell Streets Friday