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Showing currently active detours. For more information, you can interact with the marked sections on the map. Scheduled detours will appear below.

Eversource contractors have started work to replace a transmission structure at the top of Horn Pond Mountain.

Eversource anticipates work, vetted and approved by the Woburn Conservation Commission, will take approximately two weeks to complete.


Until Friday November 1st, 2019

Mass DOT will begin repaving Cambridge road on Monday night 9/30/2019, most of this work will be done at night and is being conducted by MASS DOT. Crews will be working on structures the week of 10/13/2019 and paving should begin on Monday night 10/21/2019.

Until Wednesday October 30th, 2019

Leonard ST. Crew will be preparing for the main connection next week and then about a week of services. About 2 weeks left on this project.


Cedar, Salem and Washington St. Crew is about done with main and will be moving into the intersection @ Cedar and Washington this next week.  About 4-5 weeks remaining on this project.


Upcoming- Beacon St and Pleasant St.

US Pavement is planning on gearing up to create the right hand turn lane and complete the paving work on the following schedule


Curb Work – Turn Lane

  • Tuesday September 10th  – Friday September 13th


New Paving Mill and Overlay

  • Saturday September 21st


Line Painting

  • Sunday September 22nd

Utility reconstruction in preparation for the replacement of the Salem Street Bridge is currently underway.

The contractor has begun Stage 1 bridge construction.

Week Ending (W/E) 06/29/19: Temporary frames (falsework) have been constructed on both sides of the bridge to support the Stage 1 Piles. There are 2 Piles on each side; each pile is 105- feet long.

W/E 07/05/19: Short week due to the Holiday. Contractor has staged its equipment and set piles for driving operations in the next week. The contractor used the pile’s actual weight and a vibratory hammer to position the piles in the ground.

W/E 07/12/19: Contractor will continue setting piles and staging the equipment. Contractor is scheduled to begin pile driving operations on Thursday and complete on Friday (one day each side). Please note that pile driving is a loud operation. The work is being conducted during the day to minimize disruptions to residential abutters.

W/E 07/19/19: Contractor will cut the piles to their final length, remove the falsework and demobilize its pile driving equipment from the project site. Contractor is scheduled to begin concrete form-work and rebar installation for the proposed bridge abutments on each side of the bridge.

W/E 07/26/19:  Contractor will continue concrete form-work and rebar installation.

Please note that the schedule for this work is weather dependent and subject to change without notice.

Expect lane restrictions and delays in the area.

Type: Under Construction

The MWRA will be doing exploratory excavations around their water lines in the Washington St. & Montvale Ave. area

Type: Utility Repair

Montvale ave widening project has begun the first part of this project will be work to the drainage system.

  • Daigle Electric has begun installing foundations for new traffic signals at Washington & Central streets
  • Montvale Ave Drainage Work
  • Road widening between Washington & Albany
  • Install mast arm foundation at Washington & Montvale
  • Begin curbing & sidewalk work
  • Eversource Electric has installed new utility poles and will begin moving the power lines

Type: Rerouted Traffic