Transportation Department

Transportation Department

144 School Street, Woburn, MA 01801

Monday -Friday 8:30am-4:30pm


The Council on Aging provides transportation to Woburn Seniors age 60 and older. Transportation offered by the Council on Aging (COA) is funded by the City of Woburn, Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA), and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Mobility Assistance Project (MADOT – MAP).


The Woburn COA Transportation Department is committed to helping seniors retain their independence by offering transportation assistance.

What do we offer?

COA Van Service

A free service, funded by the City and the MADOT. Serves the needs of seniors traveling to and from programs at the Woburn Senior Center at the Veterans Memorial Building.

Senior Discount Taxi Program

Offers assistance in paying for taxi travel. The Taxi program is designed to transport individuals at their convenience. 

Senior Van Service

The COA has three handicapped accessible vans that offer daily “curb to curb” service to COA programs. “Curb to curb” service is for independent passengers: drivers do not offer assistance into or out of the home or into Senior Center. Mobility aids such as walkers are encouraged, and drivers will safely store and retrieve them. Passengers must meet the Senior Center Standards of Independence, or be accompanied by a capable assistant.

Van Schedule

Monday through Friday

Pickup at 9am and 11am

Drop Off at 12pm and 2pm

Times are approximate, subject to change and may not be available due to weather conditions.

To Schedule a ride on one of our vans please call, 781-897-5964.

Van ride requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Example: If you wish to schedule a van ride for Monday morning at 9am, you need to request your ride by Friday afternoon at 12pm.

This allows our office to schedule enough vans and drivers.

To clarify there will be absolutely no last minute ride requests.

Senior Discount Taxi Program

Any Woburn Senior aged 60+ is welcome to join the program. The COA has contracted flat rates for travel in and around Woburn. For a yearly registration fee of $5, participants are given an ID card entitling them to these flat rates. The current rate contracted for rides in Woburn is $8.00 for a one-way trip.

Seniors wishing to purchase discounted tickets must provide proof of income (current Federal low income guidelines are $48,800 for an individual, $55,800 for a married couple) Discounted tickets are $3 for a one way trip. The City and EEOA pay the additional $5.00. Up to 20 vouchers per month may be purchased at the $3 rate. Unlimited additional vouchers may be purchased for the regular $8.00 rate. Voucher rides outside of the city are for medical reasons only, although members always receive 20% off of Checker Cab’s regular fares when traveling to locations not listed on rate sheets.

Vouchers prepared during Taxi Office hours may be picked up at the Reception Desk during regular Senior Center hours. Vouchers left in Reception must be paid by check before or at time of pickup.

Please note the Taxi Program DOES NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. Cash or checks made payable to “WCOA”, are the only accepted payments.

Taxi Office Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday

10am to 1pm

To contact our Taxi Office, please call 781-897-5970 during operating hours.

Additional Information

The Ride

The RIDE is operated by the MBTA. The Woburn Senior Center is not affiliated with The RIDE. For more information, please visit the MBTA website.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us during regular business hours with any and all questions.

For general questions: 781-897-5964

or email our Transportation Coordinator Michelle Daly