Street Sweeping


Sidewalk Sweeping Schedule

March 16-20   Winn St, Main St (south), Main St (north), Kilby St, Pleasant St, Arlington Rd, Lake Ave, Warren Ave, Wyman St, Lowell St, Bedford Rd, Locust St, Willow St, Russell St

Green St, Montvale Ave

March 23-27  Vernon St, Bow St, Wood St, Pine St, Salem St, Central St, Washington St, Washington Cir, Upper Salem, Mishawum Rd, Forrest Park Rd, Eaton Ave, Clinton St, Middle St, Beach St
March 30-April 3  Wildwood St, Olympia Ave, School St, Alfred St, Merrimac St, Ryan Rd, New Boston St, Elm St, Pearl St, Winter St, Ward St, Traverse St, Commerce Way


The City of Woburn sweeps all streets according to the schedule above, weather permitting. Each street is swept twice in spring and once in fall based on conditions.

Street Sweeping Schedule


Ward                   dates

5 -1-2                 4/6 – 4/15

2 -1-2                  4/16-4/22

6 -1-2                   4/23-4/30

4 -1-2                    4/31-5/7

3 -1-2                     5/13-5/21

1 -1-2                     5/22-5/30

7 -1-2                      6/2-6/9


Schedule will change due to weather equipment and personnel issues


If there is an issue on your street please submit your request at our Report a Concern page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please be patient while we roll out our online payment system for paying tickets online. 

Parking fines may be paid in person at the Police Station, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or through the mail to:

Attn: Parking Clerk
Woburn Police Department
25 Harrison Avenue
Woburn, MA 01801

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