Technology and Business Mixed Use Overlay District Project Filings

The following are links to some of the most frequently requested documents related to the Business Mixed Use Overlay District at the former Kraft Foods site off Hill Street. This is not a comprehensive collection of all documents related to the projects. The complete files are available for inspection at Woburn City Hall during regular business hours.

Pulte Homes of New England, LLC

Pulte Homes of New England, LLC for a special permit with site plan review to allow development of residential townhome and multifamily components of the larger master-plan approved redevelopment including 75 townhome dwellings in two and three-unit buildings and 122 multifamily garden-style units at portions of Hill Street and 1 Washington Avenue:

Pulte Homes of New England LLC Special Permit Decision
Special Permit Pulte Homes Final Plan Set 12-15-2020
Highland at Vale Architectural Package (2020-04-30)

Woburn Pulte City Council Complete Submission (2020-04-30)
Traffic Memo 5-4-2020
Stormwater Memorandum Highland at Vale (2020-04-30)
Highland at Vale Plan Set (2020-04-30)
Highland at Vale Signage Package (2020-04-30)
Pulte Planning Board Comments 6-26-2020
Pulte Attorney Tarby Memorandum 7-1-2020P
Pulte Homes of New England, LLC Powerpoint Presentation 7-7-2020

LCS Woburn LLC

LCS Woburn LLC for a special permit with site plan review to allow for 103 congregate elderly housing units and an extended care facility at 2 Hill Street:

LCS Woburn LLC Special Permit Decision
LCS Woburn LLC final plan set 12-15-2020
LCS Woburn LLC final landscape plan 12-15-2020
LCS Woburn LLC Architectural Rendering 12-2020

Application Package Memo 5-6-2020
Delaney Site Approval Drawings 5-5-2020
Traffic Impact Memo LCS 5-6-2020
Traffic Impact Memo Attachments LCS 5-6-2020
Parking Investigation 6-17-2020
LCS Planning Board Comments 6-26-2020
LCS Attorney Tarby Memorandum 7-1-2020
LCS Woburn Powerpoint Presentation 7-7-2020

The Vale

Section 28 – Technology and Business Mixed Use Overlay District (TBOD)
Hill Street Development Agreement Approval 10-4-2019
The Vale Development Agreement 11-21-2019
The Vale Master Concept Plan 10-17-2019
The Vale Property Description Plan 10-17-2019
The Vale – Anderson Kreiger Memorandum 7-6-2020
The Vale – Town of Winchester Memorandum 7-6-2020
City Engineer Comments 7-13-2020
2020.09.04 Highland at Vale – Landscape Plans_Stamped
The Vale – 2nd Peer Review Response_12-3-20