Municipal Code

Click on the links below for each section of the Municipal Code. Search Hint: Click on “Municipal Code Cover” to find the date of the latest update. Use “Table of Contents – Short” to find the correct Title for your search and “Table of Contents – Long” to narrow your search.

For a completely searchable document, click on the link for “Woburn Municipal Code Complete”. This provides the entire Woburn Municipal Code in one document. Use the Adobe tools to search for specific words in the code. The date of the file is the through date of amendments to the Municipal Code.

Note: These documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF), viewable with Acrobat Reader. This software is free, and may be downloaded from their website.

Cover with through date

Table of Contents Short

Table of Contents

Title 1 – General Provisions

Title 2 – Administration and Personnel

Title 3 – Revenue and Finance

Title 4 – (Reserved)

Title 5 – Business Licenses and Regulations

Title 6 – Animals

Title 7 – Wetlands Protection and Conservation

Title 8 – Health and Safety

Title 9 – Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Title 10 – Vehicles and Traffic

Title 11 – Brownfields Tax Abatement Agreements

Title 12 – Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Title 13 – Public Services

Title 14 – Recycling and Municipal Solid Waste

Title 15 – Buildings and Construction

Title 16 – Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure

Title 17 – (Reserved)

Title 18 – Americans with Disabilities Act Policies and Procedures

Title 19 – Historic District Commission

Title 20 – Sealer of Weights and Measures

Town Orders for Woburn

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 11-1-2019

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 10-1-2019

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 7-1-2019

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 1-1-2019

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 12-1-2018

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 7-2-2018

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 2-12-2018

Woburn Municipal Code Complete 11-1-2017


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