Nomination Papers

The deadline to file nomination papers will be determined once the preliminary election date is set.

This is intended to provide clarification of the process for obtaining and filing papers for nomination to office in a City of Woburn Municipal Election.

Section 9a of Chapter 53 of the General Laws provides a process for obtaining nomination papers and limiting the number of nomination papers to be issued. The Act was accepted by the City Council on June 6, 1963 and was effective on June 20, 1963.

The Section states in part that “Each candidate shall file with the city or town clerk, prior to obtaining blank nomination papers, a statement containing his name and address, and the city or town office for which he intends to be a candidate.” The Office of the City Clerk has a form for use by candidates in order to comply with the State law.

Further the Section provides that “No candidate for city or town office shall receive more blank nomination papers than will contain the number of signatures required to place his name in nomination, multiplied by five.”

Nomination for the office of Mayor requires 100 certified signatures of registered voters qualified to vote for the office, School Committee and Alderman At Large offices require 50 certified signatures and Ward Alderman offices require 10 certified signatures. This office can issue no more than 34 nomination papers for candidates for Mayor, no more than 17 nomination papers for candidates for Alderman At Large and School Committee and no more than 4 nomination papers for Ward Alderman.

The signatures for Mayor, School Committee and Alderman At Large can be obtained city-wide. The signatures for Ward Alderman offices must be obtained from voters resident within the respective ward. Since this is a non-partisan election, a voter’s party affiliation will not prevent the voter from signing nomination papers for a candidate.

The Board of Registrars are not required to certify signatures greater than the amount needed to make a nomination increased by one-fifth. Therefore, the Board of Registrars are not required to certify more than 120 signatures for a candidate for the office of Mayor, 60 signatures for a candidate for the office of School Committee or Alderman At Large, and 12 signatures for a candidate for the office of Ward Alderman. The Board of Registrars will not accept any additional nomination papers once the required number of signatures have been filed and certified.

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