Rules and Regulations


1.  Requirements for the purchase of a cemetery lot at Woodbrook Cemetery are as follows:

WOBURN RESIDENT ONLY – All residents must have a MINIMUM residency of 5 CONSECUTIVE YEARS in the City of Woburn to purchase a lot.

FORMER WOBURN RESIDENTS who can verify that they were a Woburn resident for a minimum of 25 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, but have not been out of the City of Woburn for more than 10 years can purchase a grave at the “former resident fee”.

There is a 2 grave limit for all former residents.  In either case, proof of residency will be required.

No family shall buy the rights of burial of more than 4 graves

3.  The proprietors of lots and graves in this cemetery or their heirs shall not sell or convey any right of burial to any person or persons without first obtaining the written approval of the Board

4.  Burial rights shall be permitted for human purposes only

5.  Double interments are permitted in one grave, with additional endowment, where conditions permit.

6.  An interment order signed by the proper authority must be presented to the cemetery.

7.  No more than 6 cremated remains shall be interred in one full size grave space.

8.  No Dogs are permitted within the cemetery with the exception of Guidance dogs.

9.  Recreational activities and vehicles such as bicycles, mini bikes, skateboards, snowmobiles, etc. are not permitted within the cemetery.  No vendors are permitted in the cemetery.

10.  Subject to the orders of the Board, the Superintendent shall have absolute charge of the cemetery and funerals and is authorized to enforce the rules to maintain order.

11. All decorations will be removed 10 days after a specific holiday, or when they become in any way faded or unsightly.

12.  Enclosures of any kind such as fences, hedges, ditches or curbs are not allowed.

13.  The cemetery will not be responsible for trees or shrubs, which must be moved in order to make an interment.

14.  A small flower garden is permissible at the front of the base of any upright   monument, no more than 12 inches out and the length of the monument.  No person will be allowed to plant on the side or behind the base of the stone.  Christmas trees, live or artificial, and the decoration of any shrubs is not permitted.

15.  The planting of any type is not allowed on graves that have flush markers.

16.   No trees, shrubs or bushes of any kind shall be planted, pruned or removed without the consent of the Board.  Acting for the best interest of the Cemetery, the Board shall have the authority to prune, remove or transplant anything upon the lot when they consider such a course necessary.

17.  Vigil lights and memorial lights or lighting of any type are not permitted

18   Metal or plastic flower holders that hang from or attach to the monument including, but not limited to huggers/saddles are not permitted.

19.  Cement vases, urn boxes or containers of any kind for growing plants will not be              permitted.

20.   The placing of boxes, balloons, shells, pinwheels, toys, metal designs, ornaments, crosses, statues, chairs, settees, vases, glass, wood or iron cases and similar articles upon lots shall not be permitted and if so, the cemetery reserves the right to remove the same.

21.   The Cemetery Commissioners shall have the authority to grant permission to the                  proprietors to depart in special instances from the provisions of the foregoing regulations, in and only in cases where it clearly appears that the spirit and intent of the regulations will not thereby be violated.

22.    The Cemetery will not be responsible for any lost or unclaimed items.

23.     No outside contractors will be allowed to come in to dig graves.

24.       Any special requests must be approved by the cemetery superintendent.  No employee has the right to authorize any outside requests without the prior approval f the cemetery superintendent.  If the superintendent is not available all  requests should be made at the office with the cemetery secretary.  She will contact the superintendent and get back to the person making the request.

25.       Prices subject to change.  Please contact the office for any/all pricing.