Tax Exemptions

A tax exemption is a discharge from the obligation to pay all or a portion of a tax. Exemptions are conferred by the Legislature on particular categories of persons or property. Applications must be filed annually with the local assessors. Filing an application does not entitle the applicant to a delay in tax payment. Certain Exemptions may qualify you for a reduction on your water and sewer bill. Contact the Department of Public Works at 781-897-5980 for further Information.

Request an Exemption Application

Please note: If you have received an exemption in the prior fiscal year then you will automatically receive a form in the mail in the beginning of July each year.

Types of Exemptions Available in Woburn

Qualification Exemption
Surviving Spouse or Over 70 $175
Elderly – Over 70 $500
Veteran $400 for a Disability of 10% to 99% $1,000 for 100% Disability
Blind $437.50
Tax Deferral Defer all or a portion of the Property Tax